Roma Express
From Sicily to the California coast, our families have carried on traditions that have lasted for generations. Not only have these traditions been centered around food, but also the passion needed to make it authentically Sicilian. Roma uses these shared recipes to explore different flavors of arancini, cannoli, and handcrafted Italian sodas.
Opening Hours
Daily: 11am - 8pm
M-F Happy Hour: 3pm - 6pm
Weekend Happy Hour: 9am - 11am
Takeout Available

Takeout will now be available for pickup from 12pm-6pm from these listed vendors. Only the Mess Hall / Patio entrance door will be open. Please check with each vendor for their online ordering and delivery options as well!⁠

Although we had planned to be fully open by now, the federal government extended the social-distancing guidelines through the end of April. In the meantime, we encourage you to order takeout or delivery from our LPM vendors and support local businesses.⁠

Stay safe, San Diego!