Societe Beer Brunch @ Leroy’s


March 23, 2019 10:00 am

Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge

1015 Orange Ave, Coronado CA 92118

(619) 522-6087

Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge’s Beer of the Month for March is SOCIETE BREWINGFind Societe beers on tap all month long and join us for brunch on March 23rd and enjoy our brunch menu and $5 Societe beers to pair with!

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The Baroness | Helles Lager (5.2%)
The Baroness is regal in her simplicity, a straightforward, refreshing lager relying exclusively on beer’s four core ingredients to deliver a thirst-quenching, extremely balanced and quaffable experience, the likes of which appeals to craft newcomers as much as longtime connoisseurs.
The Harlot Belgian Blonde Ale (5.6%)
The Harlot is crisp, light and easy-drinking. Straddling the (non-existent) border of Belgium and the Czech Republic, it combines a pilsner-like base recipe with Belgian yeast to create a versatile beer with a light body and elegant, floral hop character.
Accolades: The Brewing Network Beer of the Year, Two San Diego International Beer Festival Bronze Medals
The Pupil San Diego IPA (7.5%)
The Pupil is a smooth, medium-bodied, pleasantly dry IPA with forward aromas and flavor evocative of tropical fruits. Notes of guava and mango are most commonly detected by connoisseurs of this gently bittered beer, a crowd-favorite and one of our flagship hoppy creations since day one.
Accolades:Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal, Draft Magazine 50 Best IPAs in America, Reigning Union-Tribune Reader’s Poll Best IPA in San Diego County
The Shrew Feral Session Ale (4%)
Don’t let the overly off-putting nature of The Shrew scare you away. Beneath her shy, fiercely defensive exterior awaits a soft, exotic taste experience replete with citrus-like acidity and spice from our house blend of funk-inducing microorganisms. She may be small in stature, but this recluse cuts an imposing figure.


Great Beer is For Everybody: Unlike spirits, wine and even fine food, we love that beer is affordable, accessible and relateable enough that everybody in society can easily enjoy it. We also like how beer serves as a catalyst for conversation, communalism and the building and galvanizing of friendships. Beer is for everybody in society, all walks of life, and so our beers are named for members of society running the gamut from young to old, good to evil, white collar to blue collar and so on.
San Diego Pride: We founded Societe in San Diego purposely because we believe it to be the top place for beer in the world and a center of innovation where the highest-quality beer is the norm. We wanted to stand out on the world’s biggest stage for beer and work hard every day to do just that. We’ve been fortunate, through the dedication of our team to the art of brewing, to amass impressive awards at the World Beer Cup, Great American Beer Festival, San Diego International Beer Festival, as well as high ratings with beverage publications throughout the country. That’s all fun, but we really consider San Diegans’ love of our beers (which we self-distribute exclusively throughout San Diego County), continued patronage and the respect of our fellow #SDBeer brewers the highest compliment and proof that we’re accomplishing our brewing goals.