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Bluebridge Takeout and Delivery Menu!

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All takeout orders will be picked up at Little Frenchie, 1166 Orange Ave.  Deliveries available to all of Coronado.  Please call 619.675.0042 or email delivery@bbhca.com to place your order!

Prepared Menu Items 
Leroy’s Brussels Sprouts $12
Leroy’s House Burger, Bacon Jam  $19
Leroy’s Deviled Eggs, Mango Chutney Garam Masala  $9.00
Frenchie French dip  $18
Herbed Roasted Chicken, Root Veggies, Chicken Jus  $25
Beef Burgogne, Bacon Lardon, Mushroom, Carrot  $25
Icelandic Cod, Burgundy Wine Cooked Lentils, Pearl Onion, Frisee  $25
Frenchie Quiche, Caramelized Onion, Spinach, Comte Cheese, Bacon  $14
Frenchie 3 cheese board with all the Trimmings  $19
Retail items
Fresh Baguette  $2.50
Demi Baguette  $1.50
Walnut Loaf  $5
Levain Whole Loaf  $5
Sliced Olive Bread Loaf  $5
CAB New York steaks 12 oz  $10 ea
Omaha Bone-In Dry Aged Prime Ribeye  $35
Beef Tenderloin, Double R Ranch, 8 oz  $20 ea
Beef Tenderloing, Double R Ranch,  12 oz  $30
Assorted Artisan Cheeses $5 for 4 oz